One struck me recently GROW…

G is for goals, as big as you want them but with appropriate lead times so they can be measured…

R is for reality… you can fall into;

  • “Seemed like a good idea at the time” this is where you go without a thoughtful examination of your offer, your market and your completion.
  • Or a good plan will start with where you are right now and why…..then it is about testing, challenging, defining and then ensuring there is someone responsible for owning and pushing through the pathway.

O is for outcomes that were planned for, and wrapped into the plans that you’ve been working to.

W is for Wrap up, which is (sorry, I was going to say, the most important stage but obviously it’s not) the opportunity to learn from the activities you’ve consciously undertaken and build that learning into your next round of plans.

Thanks to the Institute of Leaders and Managers, and specifically Peter Cohen for his Career Doctor article in the February Issue.