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Every leader’s challenge…

Is to create change… with the real opportunity being to build focus through metrics and delegation. Business and science have massive correlations… across questioning, hypothesising, testing… restructuring, retesting… and the loop continues... be prepared for it not Improvement can be accelerated with the strength and incisiveness of setting and testing your hypothesis… every result will [...]

The Good… and Bad

The good is the questioning of current expectations, starting with yourself… then your clients, then your team. The bad is when you stop before creating a plan to address what those discussions have indicated need doing. And a plan is about metrics, it is about identifying when you should be celebrating and when you should [...]

The Big Paddle has changed its Business Model

We are now seeking out friction, disruption and self-cannibalisation… if you don’t change your model then who will and why will clients and customers wait for you to catch up?

Failing slowly hurts a lot!!

It is all about failing fast, frequently and, as Michael McQueen says, “frugally”. It’s sad that a lot of established businesses are convinced that they are beyond needing to fail. Their focus is on unabridged success which can’t abide failure. Businesses, whether they are big or small, need to reintroduce the capacity to fail and [...]

Millennials are just like me… WRONG!

Nothing could be further from the truth. They are the biggest generation this world has ever supported, they are the largest consumers of data in the world… and they’re searching your service, your product, your offer. When it comes to talking to them, Michael McQueen in “How to Prepare Now for What’s Next” gives the [...]

Stuff has changed…

...everything has changed, the accuracy of the information they’re getting from third and fourth parties, the reality of our definition of our clients issues, and where are they getting their fake news from.   Your conversations must engage and inform them.

How will you re-design your “go to market strategy” given…

All the stuff you know now, what your competitors are doing, the research and development you are undertaking, where your clients are getting their information, and have their values shifted since you initially defined your “go to market” question?

When you think about AI…

Artificial intelligence is ubiquitous… it worries me because now I actually know something that is “ubiquitous”. It is helping business advisors pitch and win business. It is helping lawyers identify the critical issues in any case. It is empowering surgeons for greater accuracy. And it can help you build sales, handle opportunities, address issues. Maybe [...]

Have a hackathon…

It doesn’t matter whether you are in defence, finance, law, health, agriculture… whatever. Get a bunch of curious challenging people in the room and ask them what they would do to do what you do better.

The Art of getting to and staying at Number One

Think like number ONE and behave like number TWO.