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Why and When do you Celebrate?

Two critical moments in your path to success. It doesn’t need to be noisy, it doesn’t need to be distracting, but the good stuff needs to be recognised and rewarded (a smile and a thank you will do).  

Success is about Trends…

The enduring trends evolve constantly, but not as quickly as the “flashes”… so avoid the flashes! And you do all of this by listening to the decision makers.  

Who chooses your growth path?

It’s usually done by one or two groups. The best is when your customers, consumers and advocates create your path. The worst is when you leave it for your competitors.

Business planning is all about knowing where you are…

Are your solutions (products or services) in the start-up, mid-life, mature or the end of their lifecycle. All our cycles are getting shorter, the environment is evolving faster, we need to be listening more intently to our teams, clients and prospects. The only thing staying constant is that great plans are based on a platform [...]

Good intentions (how to be on time)… this is worth it!

You probably know people who are late. Often. They don’t want to be late. In fact, their good intentions are probably the reason that they are late. They might try one technique or another, and even apologise for being late, and yet it happens again. There is one reason and one amplifying factor. The amplifying [...]

Customer Facing Businesses will include these Metrics into their 2019 Plans

Sales dollars as a percentage increase on 2018 Number of clients increased as a percentage of 2018 Average sales value per client increase on 2018

Are you LEANING in?

If you’re not leaning in, everyone can see that you’re not… if you are, everyone can see it and is more likely to lean in with you. How do you LEAN need to get inquisitive, build solutions, talk them through and adjust them.

Planning for… Ooooooops

If you want to have planning for 2019 drafted by the 15th of December, but not sure where you'll find the time... call the Big Paddle Company now.

Our Mantra for 2019… OK there is Three!

Identifying and smoothing out friction within our business and between us and our clients. Being disruptive internally and externally... aggressively seeking out improvements in engagement. Self-cannibalisation… what will you do in 2019 that will take the place of what you’re doing now?

Growth is about

Profiling current and prospective customers better… who is buying, why they’re buying.... no really why, who will they buy it from if they don’t buy from you, and most importantly… Why will they move to another source?