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Race to the top or race to the bottom

Are you looking at the top of the pile or at its base?   At the top you’re “engaging” with your clients about what they need, you’re adjusting your expectations and their expectations, you’re creating new opportunities and you’re adding magic.   At the bottom, you’re talking to your customers about being cheaper, going to [...]

“I’ve got lots of ideas but no revenue”…then what you’ve got is a lot of ANCHORS

The change comes when you “watch out” rather than “watch in”   The “in” is comfortable, expected and ignorable.   The “out” is challenging, engaging and interesting.   If you need some motivating then embrace and outsider…think about Kodak.

If you’re not on the edge you’re taking up to much room!

The edges of your business are where the action is…the core can change and will change over time but rapid discontinuous, violent change in opportunities are happening on the edges.   Looking for gaps at the edges requires action and movement, but don’t get them is an illusion and one builds value.

Yes is the answer…what was the question again?

Increased sales, reduced costs, review client profiles, bring in more technology…the answer is yes.   Your role, a leader’s role whether you have the title or not, is to start one of these investigations today.

There are too many options

The answer there is…”where are the objectives”.   And the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland was asked which direction should she go, the answer is the same as determining the direction of your business.   “Well that depends on where you want to be”.   By all means ask the question but know where [...]

Are your business advisors offering body parts?

You know your markets and customers and you probably do the planning yourself.   But an experienced and candid guide can bring: Fresh and objective EYES A steady less emotional HANDS A set of SHOULDERS you can stand on for a better view

Selling OUR brands to retailers…

We’re seeing more and more where retailers are demanding look-a-like branded products to be marketed under the retailer’s house brands.   They’ve come a long way since the generics of last century.   Average manufacturers are treating this as an opportunity to boost revenue. The exceptional manufactures are seeing it as an opportunity to increase [...]

Risk mitigation ……..

The only question is why are we not asking the people who matter?   What do they expect or need from you?   More often than not they will have not only great questions but incredibly sound answers around what you will need to better respond to the market place, and to build sales.   [...]

What do you want to do now?

What an extraordinary opportunity we get when someone asks this question.   Ideally it’s a friend who won’t judge or condemn, just encourage.   Their task after posing that question is to wait, not blink, not speak, just listen.   Give it a shot and put your thoughts out there and see what they add…what [...]

“Business is Art”…Seth Godin

Art is the ability to leap into the void.   Art will isolate you yet connect you to more and future opportunities.   Art will make you hungry yet satisfy you at the same time.   Art will cause you great pain yet create great pleasure.   Business is art, is creativity, is change, is [...]