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Be more consistent…manage and set expectations

Here’s some hypocrisy from me. Early on, okay a decade ago, it was about tiring quickly of opportunities but in fact it meant I wasn’t measuring what needed to be measured.   Consistent work channelled well and measured better will be your advisor, and can generate future opportunities.   The message is to agree expectations [...]

The New Empire Ballroom Ragtime Dance Orchestra

Who loves your work?

Just tick the appropriate answer: Your team Your clients Your family …you   Who are you building this for, and who has the greatest say in your success and how often do you talk to them?

Connectivity versus commercialisation

Not so long ago we founded a digital/web based news and information site for businesses in our geographic region. After three years of investment, energy and commitment we realised that our viewers valued our efforts very poorly.   However we did get great value and great learning out of the experience, and the recognition that [...]

Who will start it?

These people in your network, in your business, amongst your friends…sometimes they need encouragement, sometimes they choose the time and “go for it”.   Inevitably starters are leaders and the opportunity is to be one yourself or encourage someone else to do it.   Just do it! .....It may not be original ….. but it’s [...]

You have the business you want…..if it’s slow, high maintenance or just plain needy …..just know you’ve created that.

The great news is that you can undo it!   If it’s slow, what do you need to do to make it faster? If it’s dull what do you need to do to make it more engaging for your team and your clients?   Be the one to ask “what if” and be prepared to [...]

Each one of us sees different things

And when we see different things we relate objectives and deliverables differently…the challenge in business is to ensure that desired outcomes are agreed and delivered.   You can feel in organisation’s structures and families when there are shared opportunities and invariably that sharing flows from the top.   Whether you are the leader or a [...]

“That’s not good enough”…Malcolm Turnbull to the Vice Chancellor of the Victorian University.

After releasing the government’s policy and direction to create innovation in education and linking it to businesses, Malcom used these words to describe the V-Cs university’s efforts to support this change.   If Malcolm came to your business and asked to meet your champions of “continuous change”, …what would your workers say and what would [...]

Are you a disrupter?

If you’re not, the guarantee is that someone in your business is keen to challenge and change…is there a downside to that? Probably only if you don’t listen.   Encourage your team, individually or as a group, to look for solutions. Allow them the freedom to create and suggest.   Some businesses even give their [...]

What does “buy in” feel like

Whether you’re the buyee or the buyer, I think the feeling is much the same…you are not alone.   You have someone who shares the pain and the passion for what you’re doing. You don’t necessarily have to reward them but there is the opportunity to share.   Your commitment and your vision for the [...]