You appear to have walked away from all your Business Tenants and personal expectations around accountable Government to support the luddites of the Liberal Party…. is that what you want to be remembered for?


Scare campaigns only work when there is no information delivered.


You get one more chance to be the extra-ordinary leader many of us believe you to be.


Please cast off the “standard cowardice”  of 4 year forward accounts and start the discussion around developing the revenue streams we’ll need to meet the challenges of the mid-2020s…. it can be done by taking the planning out 10 years….. Australians want the submarines, the NDIS, world class communications and education (and that will create innovation) and we will pay for it.


We are smart enough to understand the financial issues…. trust us.


The question is about what you want as your legacy. You, and we will get one chance at this.


Please Malcolm, please disrupt the irresponsible, short sighted, political self preservation that will push Australia into the Third World economic rankings.


This is not for us, its for our grand children…. I think they deserve that honesty, how about you?


With the best intent,


Mark Cleary

Founder of The Big Paddle Company