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What are you doing about your body of knowledge?

This came up in discussion with a very communicative and forward thinking legal group. They have their core disciplines but beyond those they have individuals who are determined to keep growing their personal platforms of knowledge and skill…their body of expertise. Are your team independent of their discipline, building their body of knowledge and experience? [...]

Your annual review can commence now…

Who are you doing this for? How much money will you lose/invest? How will you make a difference to your client or prospect? What are you going to do differently? Who are the people who you are working with and do they understand their purpose? Who has done this before…mentors, advisors, friends, colleagues….. buy them [...]

Your next step…is it back or out?

It really doesn’t matter. The most important action is that you are making a step. Importantly, whether it is back or out will change your view of your:   People Productivity Communications Even your decision making   Changing your prospective, even for a couple of hours, can identify and highlight some extraordinary opportunities to make [...]

“Just get off my back!”

Sometimes as workers, advisors, consultants and developers we feel like saying this to our team members or clients. Perhaps a more reasoned response might be to suggest…”if you get on my shoulders, you can actually see further”.   The opportunity is to let them see what you see, whether it’s evidence, structure, or the opportunity [...]