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So who decides?

Your best customer! You need to talk to them, and potentially your best prospect as well, and find out how they value what you think you really deliver.   But here’s the kicker…… always talk to User, and postpone talking to “procurement” until you get the User’s view.

No, no, no…what is it really worth?

You can factor in your research and development, network development, sales team, ongoing service, intellectual property cost, head hours for continuing development and communications plans. We encourage all of our clients to do this, and THEN talk to their best customer about what they’re prepared to pay.   The equation you write must “balance”, otherwise [...]

Being an Opportunity Ambassador

We hear about them all the time.   We often see the opportunities ourselves, or at least the beginning of them, and yet for often relevant reasons leave them be.   In this evolving market, those opportunities invariably mean thought has to be put into them and even through that thought options and alternatives can [...]

“Magic” delivers mark-up

So where’s your magic?   Have your prospects got a reason to seek you out, to value you, to expand your understanding of their problems? Talk about the simplicity of your solutions. Where is the relevance to “their” business….. Relevance is a scarce commodity. Is there generosity and respect in your offer to them?

Who are you listening to…the new or the old?

The good news is that it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re truly listening to how you can help them!   And again, their pain is your opportunity.

“Excuse me, could you describe where your PAIN is?”

A great question for your Top 10 clients… listen and respond means you’ll have a role in that clients future.   If you don’t know about their pain, or their opportunities, than how are you going to define an appropriate, relevant and respectful solution?

Nothing’s changed… so how would a “start-up” steal you clients?

OK, clients still pay for value.   What has changed is the metric they use to measure “it” by.   Our clients are looking differentially at…..what they want, by when and where…..and finally for how much.   Another way to look at this is “how/why will you lose your next major client?”

Identifying the disrupters

Where are your customers going to be buying your products from in three years’ time after you’ve failed to identify how make your current products and services obsolete?   What are they really getting now?   How and when are they paying?   What are your prospects waiting for?

Malcolm you’ve been a very naughty boy!

You appear to have walked away from all your Business Tenants and personal expectations around accountable Government to support the luddites of the Liberal Party.... is that what you want to be remembered for?   Scare campaigns only work when there is no information delivered.   You get one more chance to be the extra-ordinary [...]

Action precedes clarity…EVERY TIME!

Test, understand and define.   Ask new questions, test the new responses.   Learn and expand your actions…some call this innovation, others just call it learning and acting.