Developing & Empowering CEO’s & Directors

“What we reward gets repeated.”

Your people and leaders are key to effectiveness through their deployment of capabilities, development of strengths and engagement with your business. Statistics show that on average 23% of employees are engaged in the business ( actively contributing), 62% seek only to survive the day and get on with life outside of work doing just enough. Worse still 15% are actively disengaged and degrading the business. Improvement in the engagement, communication and alignment of our staff is always a high value opportunity.

Today we must continually seek to minimise the resources required to deliver the narrative, product and service our target markets are seeking or others will, and our customers will disappear.

Continuous improvement programs, quality programs and transformational change plans are essential elements for businesses seeking to continue to grow and improve. Without these elements businesses today will be pressurised by their ever-changing environment, quality of competitors, and demands of customers.

Our tools focus upon drawing out information essential to defining the opportunities and challenges that are impacting the business. We tailor our responses through experience and prior learning, to illuminate the path to your refreshed objectives, from your current performance. This path must mitigate challenges and exploit opportunities. Digging in to your processes to rectify recurrent problems and identify root cause issues is key to effectiveness and quality, but also key to continuing to develop and satisfy your customer relationships.

“Continuous focused change is our strongest and most enduring competitive advantage.”

Business Planning

“In planning, action always precedes clarity…it is about doing, measuring, learning and improving.”

Goals are going to always be bound by the capacity and the capabilities of the team, so that’s where we start. Sometimes “numbers” have the answers, sometimes they hide them…for us the there is no such thing as average!

We create Business Plans and Business Development Plans for service and manufacturing businesses. Our Plans are “working” documents with metrics, task owners and deadlines.

We focus on the pillars of your growth and development strategies and create actions that work with your current strengths as well as proposing actions to fill any gaps.

We work from the “outside in”. We start with the expectations of your key clients (and prospects where accessible), and then “come in” and confirm that these expectations are used as the platform you and your team deliver from.

Yes, you probably already do “Client Satisfaction Audits” but we guarantee ours will define your opportunities and strengths more clearly than ever before, as we are seen and act as the independent and impartial commentators that we are.

Participants in our Good Bad & Ugly Interviews, whether external or internal, recognise the power of participation and their comments are held as anonymous and aggregated with others in the final analysis. Their comments remain anonymous unless we judge something to be urgent, at which time we ask the respondents’ permission to raise it.

We work with and support our clients, measuring their efficiencies by setting targets, timelines and their metrics…reinforcing opportunities and obligations.

We work with our Business leaders to

  • Profile key and prospective clients and discuss the transition from customer to client.
  • Expand alliances and collaborations
  • Define and develop generosity as a source of engagement

“Fail early and fail often…action is all about learning, learning is the foundation of success.”

Building Effectiveness and Efficiences

“We challenge ourselves to work to KPIs just as we expect our clients to.”

Efficiency and effectiveness is most fundamentally about execution: of investigations, of analysis of options, of optimisation of plan, implementation of initiatives, plan review and refinement of outcomes. Our reviews will encompass seeking excellence, continuous improvement and the possibilities of transformational improvement

The key to success is in building prominence in your niche beyond that of your competitors, building customer loyalty, retaining focus, while optimising your internal processes, performance and profitability.

It is about understanding the baseline of performance, then ruthlessly searching out opportunities initiatives and creativity to continually improve the performance of your organisation.

Your outcomes will include a unique solution of coaching, mentoring or team based processes to improve capabilities and capacities.  We pursue clarity in vision, values and alignment of initiatives to impact business particularly in the short and medium term. Coaching often provides method for improving future methodologies for associated issues. Mentoring is primarily focused on accelerating acquisition of skills, knowledge and capabilities in particular aspects of the business.

The success of continuous improvement, is never dependent of its scale, just its presence.

“We start with the end in mind.”

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