Our Deliverables

We advise, support, consult, guide, encourage, galvanise and stimulate, and challenge, and even exit our clients.

We have lead advisors in specialist disciplines that we work with on highly targeted and highly specific activities.

Our focus, our call to action from our clients is:

  • Supporting and developing CEOs and Directors
  • Refreshing business strategies and business development plans
  • Business skills and transferring those skills through organisations
  • Ensuring new clients have “a place and voice” at the business development table

The tools we use.

They are not limited to a mechanised tick box process, but rather are based on knowledge, experience and iteration as our relationship and understanding grows.

The four key areas of your business performance that we focus on are:

  • Strategy, planning and execution,
  • People their quality, strengths, development, engagement and alignment,
  • Processes their effectiveness , quality and consistency,
  • The innovation, creativity and change management occurring both internally and externally.

Our outputs are built through the following:

  • DISCOVERY SESSION; This is where the journey begins, we start building face to face our understanding and importantly our relationship.
  • HERE AND NOW REVIEW; This is part of the internal review and involves leaders and senior staff accelerating our understanding and perspective on expectations, fundamentals, performance, opportunities challenges and desires focus and goals.
  • THE GOOD BAD AND THE UGLY ; Engaging the “Chains” of the organisation; providers, production and process staff and the clients. This reviewing the internal and external environment.
  • DISCIPLINE AND DIRECTION; This is an ongoing engagement tool, where we can operate at one or more levels, ensuring the necessary issues are addressed, while coaching staff or executives to provide continuing enhanced performance.
  • OLD DOGS NEW TRICKS; This may involve engaging Principal Advisors in reviews on significant issues or opportunities (ICT, lean production, quality etc.)

Note: None of these exclude , environmental, SWOT, strengths work, personnel reviews, sales proposition review, CRM review, sales platform management, process effectiveness and efficiency, KPI’s and financial results and analysis, but rather we may use any of these to underpin our analysis and recommendations.

“We avoid confusing movement with action”

Founder Bio


Mark Cleary

Mark’s journey has flowed through product and project management, strategic and communications planning, client and business development, commercialisation of franchises, publishing (hard and digital) retail and hospitality.  The inter-locking loops continue through advising, supporting and guiding a diverse group of businesses and their leadership teams.

The disciplines traversed include advanced manufacturing, professional services, hospitality, automotive, franchising, health/wellness, photography and creative services.

What I do….. I am a Business Developer who increases sales and profitability of businesses by creating and executing plans that identify revenue opportunities amongst prospective and existing customers.

The metrics for my deliverables are profitability and sustainability of customer bases.

I build businesses from the outside in,

  • We firstly refine the enticing proposition…… the unique buying proposition.
  • Finding customers – this is about identifying and initiating conversations with prospects, and they can be new, past or current clients. With client clients I have developed strategies to mitigation risks around dilution and loss.
  • Lifting profitability through reviewing the current new business matrix, and the processes and systems that empower team members to deliver on growth expectations.
  • Preparing and implementing strategies that allow businesses to embrace rapid, discontinuous change. We look at how innovation and change is being encouraged. These enquires are highly effective are highly effective across both “product based” and service industries…it is about preparing the team for participation, engagement and measurement.
  • Creating and implementing engagement plans for your team and clients.

My “art” is in…..

Successfully and individually inverting the aging “USP concept” into a more relevant “unique buying proposition”…which is about recognising that we are not selling, but rather that our prospects are now “actively buying”. They more sophisticated, informed and demanding.

Structurally I focus on…..

  • Defining UBPs rather than USPs
  • Identifying key decision makers and the risks that drive their decisions.
  • Helping discover/fine tune their opportunities
  • Identifying “quick wins”…they may be small but they build!
  • Activating inquisitive minds
  • Successfully converting dynamic tension into positive action
  • Rarely convinced that movement equals action
  • I am an astute manager of awkward conversions
  • I believe that the best solutions are created by powerful, energetic, innovative “partners”.

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) – The University of New South Wales

Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management

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